When can we have FaNs?

When can we have FaNs?
11th September 2015 mg_fans

We are getting lots of enquiries about FaNs from different parts of the country.

It seems that we, the Essex FaNs, are pioneers of what could become a nationally significant movement.
We are currently considering how best to respond to all the interest and requests for information and are in active discussions with colleagues in Northern Ireland about the possibility of starting a FaNs movement there. Naturally, the efforts of our own small team must continue to be focused on the Essex FaNs movement, and we are funded by Essex County Council. We do believe, though, that the expansion of the movement in due course will always help to strengthen the local movement. We have the enthusiastic support of Professor Julienne Meyer of the City University, Director of the national My Home Life movement, and the long standing alliance with My Home Life gives us a great basis on which to export our ideas, home grown in Essex, in the same way Essex has imported and built on My Home Life.

Of course we have already invaded Cuba..