What Sort of FaN are You?

What Sort of FaN are You?
29th May 2015 Jan Lockyer

We would like to showcase the many and various activities of the FaNs here and on the website as our movement develops.

First Up – the Community Visitors

Community Visitors are FaNs who are able to commit to regular and frequent visits to a specific care home. They get to know the home, the manager, the staff and, of course, the residents and their families. They are able to give time and attention where it is most needed.  This may, for example, involve spending time with people who have just moved in, to help them settle; people who may be isolated and have few visitors or people who are going through a particularly difficult time.

The Community Visitors are also able to work with managers and staff to help make sure the residents’ voices are heard, even about things they hesitate to raise with staff; to act as a contact with residents living far away and generally acting as “critical friends” who can help to make the home as good as it can be by bringing a fresh way of looking at things. They act as eyes and ears for the FaNs team by being alert to the needs and interests of residents in order to help shape the movement as a whole.  This programme was piloted by the My Home Life Essex Community Association in 2013 and evaluated by the University of Essex. It is now expanding within the FaNs movement.  If you would like to know more, or to talk to a Community Visitor, please contact Debbie Tanner on 0845 017 0195 or e mail debbie@mhlec.orgcommunity-matters-ambassador-logo-400x400