Welcome to Two New FaNs Team Members

Welcome to Two New FaNs Team Members
29th May 2015 Jan Lockyer

ManTonyy of you in the north of the County know Tony Lee. Well, Tony has joined us to help build the FaNs movement. He’s been piloting the Connector role and set up some great links between care homes and local organisations.  He’s also agreed to take the lead on our social media presence. Twitter and Facebook are coming soon and we’ll let you know when they are online.

Annikka Meier

You may also be hearing from the newest member of the team, Annikka Meier, who will be gathering news and ideas for us and also researching different opportunities for the development of the FaNs movement. It’s best to contact Annikka by email, so let her know if you have something you would like to share.

If you are lucky you may also get to make the acquaintance of Teddy and Jolande, the two very junior FaNs who keep her busy. We will circulate her contact details shortly. You don’t have to write anything – just give her the gist and we will write it up and make sure other FaNs get to hear about it.

We also welcome Liz Chidgey, Managing Director of Essex Cares, and Vi Haddow, one of our “pioneer” Community Visitors, who joined the Board of the My Home Life Essex Community Association this year.