Thomas Lord Audley Year 7 our FaNs of the Moment!

Thomas Lord Audley Year 7 our FaNs of the Moment!
18th May 2016 Jan Lockyer


Well done to year 7 students from Thomas Lord Audley School in Colchester who spent time entertaining residents at Abberton Manor Care Home with their very own poetry. Although some where a little anxious, they read beautifully. Liam was particularly nervous but bravely overcame his anxiety and was rewarded with ‘student of the month’ and a big bar of chocolate!  One resident offered them all some advice, ‘please slow down your reading as we old people can’t understand your amazing work sometimes’   The children giggled and promised to slow down next time they came to visit. The children said they wanted to stay at Abberton Manor all afternoon, they loved being there and they were surprised that the Home didn’t smell bad like they thought it would!

Sam Kozar, Activity Coordinator at Abberton Manor, presented the children with a FaNs certificate, logo sticker, pens and badges – the FaNs logo is now proudly displayed in the schools reception area. Everyone is looking forward to the next visit when the young people will be performing some songs from their school production of The Lion King… slowly no doubt!

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