The Warm and Toasty Club

The Warm and Toasty Club
29th May 2015 Jan Lockyer

The Warm and Toasty Club is delighted to be an Ambassador for FaNs.

We engage with residents in retirement homes in Essex by having group conversations in a wide range of subjects on people centred history.

By focussing on resident’s positive stories and recollections it really aids memory improvement, helping improve well-being and self esteem, whilst meeting broader aims of combating loneliness and reducing isolation for social isolated older people in our community through involvement.

It’s fair to say this work is an absolute delight to be involved in as we cherish the knowledge, laughter and friendship we have found through talking to our older citizens

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How you can make it count

Our FaNs come in all shapes and sizes and range from six year old school children who paint pictures for our care homes to young mums living in the local area, as well as a League One football club or our county’s fire and rescue service.

It’s the small gestures that can produce the biggest impact, which is why we’re inviting people to get involved in a way that suits them and their busy schedule. We know that making every moment count doesn’t have to mean making a huge commitment of time or a grand gesture – treasured moments can be really small. And that’s what we’re here to facilitate.

Simply fill out our short registration form and download our leaflet that highlights how you can get involved in a way that suits you.

I want to make it count