St Helena Hospice volunteers – FaNs of the Moment!

St Helena Hospice volunteers – FaNs of the Moment!
27th July 2016 Jan Lockyer

St Helena Hospice VolunteersFaNs of the Moment

We’d like to extend a BIG thank you to St Helena Hospice volunteers, Linda Stansbury, Jane Boreham and Sue Dowling. These lovely ladies have been visiting local care homes in North East Essex (NEE) for over six months, befriending residents and staff. Their friendship has meant a great deal to those they have been supporting. One care home manager said: ‘ She [St Helena Hospice Volunteer] has made a real difference to many of our residents and even some of the staff … we are so grateful for the time she freely gives …  her kind and calming nature has had a positive effect on us all’.

The partnership between FaNs and St Helena Hospice emerged when care home managers expressed a need for sensitive and trained volunteers to be available to residents towards the end of life, particularly residents who have no immediate family or friends to be with them at that time.  Due to the pressure of work and time constraints care home staff often find it difficult to spend as much time as they’d like to with residents who are very ill.

Although the time for this pilot project has come to end, the partnership between the present Hospice volunteers and care homes in NEE will continue. The Hospice is unable to expand the project at the moment but will maintain interest in FaNs. There has been a good deal of learning, and we are very grateful to the volunteers, and to Frances Rowe, St Helena Hospice Head of Community Services, Tendring, for her help and support. If you’d like more information please email