Live Music Now

Live Music Now
17th July 2015 Jan Lockyer


Live Music Now (LMN) is delighted to be an Ambassador for FaNs.

Founded by Yehudi Menhin, we are the UK’s leading musician development and outreach organisation and use our distinctive approach to support inspirational professional musicians.

Engagement through high quality music

LMN’s vision is that older people accessing care services should
live their lives as fully and creatively as possible.  Our aim is to bring people together through music to increase quality of life and combat isolation.

Our distinctive approach

LMN selects and trains the most talented musicians emerging into the music profession, choosing those that demonstrate the potential to engage participants in a meaningful way. During their 4-6 years on the scheme, we enhance these skills, equipping them to deliver interactive performances and workshops focused on the needs and enjoyment of the participants.

What we offer:

Participatory concerts of one hour.

‘Songs and Scones’ format concert, where a care home may wish to widen their audience to bring supporters and local community to share live music with scones and tea afterwards.

Musicians in residence programme. Regular visits from the same group of LMN musicians can make a real difference to residents who eagerly anticipate their weekly creative music session. As the weeks progress communication grows, reminiscences and pleasure in the music emerge and people’s musical preferences come to the fore. Musicians take their cue from those they work with when planning and delivering their sessions.