Invitation from Corner Lodge in Jaywick

Invitation from Corner Lodge in Jaywick
10th March 2016 Jan Lockyer

Coming soon …Corner Lodge in Jaywick would like to invite you to a selection of their community events:

23rd March 2pm – Come along to sample some of our tasty selection of delicious, nutritious foods and drinks and meet our chefs for our Nutrition and Hydration day. Our chefs will be on hand to answer questions regarding catering for the needs of our residents.

Tuesday 5th April 2pm : Exciting Date for your diary!!!! – For the first time ever, coming to Corner Lodge we have Party Pets!!! Real life exotic and cuddly animals of all shapes and sizes will be here for 2 hours meeting our residents! Amongst these we have a Honey Bear, an African Bullfrog, a Bearded Dragon……AND…. a Skinny Pig!!!!! We look forward to seeing you all!

Easter Monday 28th March 2pm: Come along to Corner Lodge for Marcel Magic and his live Easter Bunnies!! Yes, Mr Magic himself will be entertaining us with all his tricks and LIVE bunnies for everyone to have a cuddle with! Don’t miss all the fun of this show!!