Regional campaign launches

Regional campaign launches
9th January 2015 mg_fans

My Home Life Essex Community Association is a charity, part of a national movement that aims to improve the quality of life for older people in care homes throughout the country, and offer support to those that work in the sector. The charity is launching an Essex wide campaign to help care homes and their surrounding communities work together to enrich the lives of care home residents. This will include building awareness of the range of fun and enjoyable opportunities available to the wider community to help care homes in their own way. We’ve been retained to deliver this campaign and couldn’t be more excited to be involved.

The name of the campaign is called FaNs: Friends and Neighbours. Being a good friend or neighbour can be as simple as lending a hand to support care home staff with a special event, or visiting a care home resident, who may feel lonely or isolated, for a friendly chat. It can also mean helping to build and maintain a strong link between a care home and a local organisation. The FaNs project aims to offer practical help to the care homes themselves to make and maintain many links with their local community.

There are several ambassadors already on board with the FaNs campaign including Colchester United Football Club, Essex University Students Union, Essex Fire and Rescue Service and us.

We will be delivering the marketing campaign for the new project and develop the FaNs’ visual look. It will include reaching out to people in a number of ways, including social media and an interactive website.

Jan Lockyer, FaNs Programme Manager at My Home Life Essex said, “There are members of the public that would like to help, but often just don’t know how. This project will help people and organisations identify how the little things can make such a difference to care homes, their staff and residents.”

“The new campaign will ensure people are aware of this community project and have an easy way to get in touch or sign up as a FaN. We’re excited about working with local agency Mackman, who really understood why this is so important and the crucial elements we wish to communicate with the different types of supporters in the community.”

Sarah Nagra, Client Lead said, “This is a great project to get involved in, there is real potential to make a difference to how care home owners and staff can take advantage of the good will, support and practical help members of the public are willing to give. It also looks to significantly change how My Home Life Essex has been previously recruiting volunteers.”

The FaNs marketing campaign will launch in March 2015.