FaNs Folders for Care Homes

FaNs Folders for Care Homes
29th May 2015 Jan Lockyer

fans pack

We have a supply of beautifully produced “welcome” and “thank you” folders that care home managers can use to show their appreciation of the contribution made by the FaNs. The folders contain a FaNs badge and pen,  a thank you card, a letter from the MHLECA Chairman, Brian Mister, a FaNs leaflet, window sticker, some cards that FaNs can give out to other people who they think might be interested and a handsome certificate acknowledging the contribution of the individual FaN. There is also space for any materials managers may like to put in about their own care home.

We offer the folders at cost to care homes, which is £3 each.  They have proved to be very popular so far.

Many care homes already have their supply, but if you would like some, or have not seen them yet, please get in touch, as it takes a while to get round every care home. We are a small team and Essex is a big county!