Essex County Fire & Rescue Service prove to be great FaNs

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service prove to be great FaNs
16th November 2015 Jan Lockyer


Remembrance Sunday is a day for the nation to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom.  Many older people now living in residential care will have known family and friends who’ve fallen or been injured in past or present conflicts. How lovely it is for them to have the same opportunity as hundreds of others to gently pay tribute in public.

Thank you to ECF&RS Cadets from Harwich and Clacton for making this possible and for making sure that the residents warmed up after the event with a visit to the local Fire Stations to enjoy tea, biscuits and friendly conversation.FaNs of the Moment EFRS Cadets 2

A big thank you also to Harwich Connexions who, although struggling for funding themselves, did not make a charge for the hire of the minibus to transport residents. The volunteer driver was described by the officer in charge as ‘fun, patient and helpful, well beyond his remit.

Les Nicoll, EF&RS Community Connector Lead  say’s  ‘Quite apart from being able to help these lovely people join in the Remembrance Sunday service, we have been amazed at how many old friends they met at the local event. This is very poignant because generally when somebody enters a care home, whilst they still see close relatives and staff, they very quickly lose touch with old friends’.

015Karen, the officer in charge at Clacton Fire Station, tells a funny story of one old lady who mentioned that, as a child, she had attended All Saints School. When Karen said “so did I” the lady tried hard to remember if they were there at the same time. This mystery was solved when Karen said she was 36 years old and the lady stated that she was only 27 years old, so they couldn’t possibly have been at school together!