Country at Carnarvon

Country at Carnarvon
27th August 2015 Jan Lockyer

Country 1FaNs were recently invited to the Bupa care home Carnarvon, in Clacton for their “Country and Western Day.

Various FaNs were in attendance, from individual volunteers to other care homes, including the newest FaNs home, Glengariff, and the EYS (Educating & Youth Services).

glengariff 2One of the volunteers ran a rodeo karaoke. FaNs and staff joined in the fun with singing and line-dancing, all while one of the residents was enjoying his 100th birthday wearing a cowboy hat!

Everyone, residents, volunteers and staff had the best time, all singing and participating together in what was a truly inspirational event; all brought together by the dedication of three activities co-ordinators from the two homes.

This is the first of a number of events planned by this wonderful team, and FaNs just can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!