Could you knit a Twiddle Mitt?

Could you knit a Twiddle Mitt?
25th April 2016 Jan Lockyer

twiddle mitt 1

Twiddle-Muffs 3

Care home residents living with dementia are enjoying ‘twiddle mitts’ knitted by caring individuals. ‘Twiddle Mitts’ are knitted hand warmers or mittens, decorated with buttons beads and other objects.  It has been shown that having something to ‘twiddle’ helps calm agitation and restlessness – both common symptoms of dementia. If you  fancy knitting a twiddle mitt or two, the pattern can be found here.  We are sure your local care home will be delighted to receive them from you. Alternatively contact who guarantees will find them a good home!

Twiddle-Muffs 2