Corner Lodge Resident Becomes a Pilot

Corner Lodge Resident Becomes a Pilot
31st May 2017 Jan Lockyer

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Corner Lodge, a care home in Clacton would like to share something wonderful. Since 1 May 2017, Corner Lodge has introduced granting wishes in their Care Planning as they want their residents to feel “it’s never too late” to fulfil a dream .

Activity Coordinator, Debbie Collins, has been asking residents, “If you had one wish, what would it be?” Their answers are written on leaves and hung on a lighted tree in our main lounge for everyone to see.

Over the coming months, they will be liaising with families, friends, and the community at large to help make these wishes come true.

Corner Lodge helped grant RAF veteran, Richard Chaplin’s wish to fly a plane. During World War II, Richard served as a cook and was in awe of the pilots in his unit.

On Sunday, 21 May, Debbie Collins and Richard’s family worked together to make this dream a reality. Richard’s daughter, Beryl, escorted Richard to the Clacton Air Field where a pilot was standing by and his family was waiting. Richard was accompanied on his flight by his daughter, Karen, and one of his grandsons.

Since returning to Corner Lodge, Richard has had a big grin and has told everyone what he’s seen & about his amazing experience.

Another resident, Joan Lacey, said she wished to see her son who lives in Malawi.

Sunday, it turns out, was a good day for wishes to come true.

As Debbie was returning to Corner Lodge from the airport, she greeted Mrs Lacey’s husband, Maurice, as he was reaching for the doorbell. Mr Lacey then introduced Debbie to Stephen … who had made a trip from Malawi to surprise his mum!

Just for the record, Richard, the Resident with the flying lesson, did not fly to Malawi for a pick up!

Corner Lodge are looking forward to granting many more wishes in the future.