Connectors – A Key Role in FaNs­

Connectors – A Key Role in FaNs­
29th May 2015 Jan Lockyer


Many care homes do an amazing job of engaging with their local communities for the benefit of their residents.

But it’s a time consuming task and most managers already have plenty on their plates, keeping up with the relentless round of tasks associated with running the home, caring for their residents and wading through the mountains of paperwork it all entails. So help is needed and we hope the FaNs can supply it. This is where the Connectors come in.

Connectors are people who can offer practical help to care home managers and staff to build fruitful links with their local communities, maintain those links, make sure they are put to good use and share ideas and experiences with other care homes and other Connectors across the county through the website and newsletters.

Connectors may represent a local business or organisation that chooses to be part of FaNs . They may have a special interest (e.g. music) and focus on contacts that reflect that interest; or they may simply be individuals with a good knowledge of their local community who would like to help a local care home with this important task. The role of Connector promises to be endlessly interesting and rewarding and it will be absolutely central to the effort to Make Every Moment Count.

Would you like to help to “pioneer” this important development?

We would like to hear from existing FaNs Ambassadors (businesses, organisations, groups and individuals) who would like to be the pioneers. Equally, we would like to hear from care homes that would like to try working with a Connector. Potential pioneers – please get in touch! You can contact us through the website, ring Debbie Tanner on 01845 017 1095 or e mail her at: