Boucherne Garden Party – a lovely occasion

Boucherne Garden Party – a lovely occasion
12th August 2015 Jan Lockyer

DSC00279It was obvious that there had been a lot of preparation and co-ordination by many willing and loving people to make this occasion so enjoyable. Friends, relatives and staff had worked hard to produce a festive setting of tables and seats under awnings, colourful tableware, bunting and balloons, tempting food, including home-made cakes, fruit punch, dainty sandwiches, pots of tea, etc., etc., and a well-organized seating arrangement and programme.

DSC00288The sun shone and the temperature was ideal. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. There was guitar and singing from Rick Christian, with songs from the days when melody was the norm. He circulated from table to table serenading all without discrimination, and with a skill which wouldn’t be out of place in the best continental restaurant!

After tea, Rick took a break and Jan Lockyer gave a short talk on the FaNS network. She voiced the appreciation of everyone for all those who had helped to make Boucherne such a wonderful home, making particular mention of some who were absent:- Diane Skilton, the daughter of Eileen Bence. Diane plays scrabble every Tuesday. Rose, who sits in the parlour and chats when she visits; Anne Musgrove who has been coming for many years to play scrabble. Rebecca Loader, who was present, also was mentioned. Rebecca is Thelma’s daughter and she runs the residents Craft Club which was responsible for producing the lovely table decorations and flower arrangements.

Jan presented a FaNs ‘Thank you’ folder to Rebecca on behalf of Boucherne. Diane, Rose and Anne will receive their FaNs folders at a later date.  At the conclusion of Jan’s talk, the enthusiastic applause said much for the appreciation felt by residents and guests.


The tuneful serenading then resumed, followed by the traditional raffle. There was an invitation for help to clear away and relieve the exhausted staff and volunteers, some of whom had come in on their day off to lend muscle and ability! The invitation was responded to with enthusiasm.

To have participated in this event was satisfying on every level, and demonstrates the loveliness of caring hearts working together to give pleasure to others. Thank you, one and all!