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Most of us get involved in the first place because we think people living in care homes – many of whom are our oldest citizens – deserve our friendship and support. But we soon discover that FaNs get back at least as much as they give. That’s because being a FaN is such a rewarding experience for all those involved. It is a great way:

  • To have fun, meet people and make new friends
  • To get valuable experience and boost your CV
  • For local businesses to demonstrate a practical commitment to the community
  • For children to build confidence, self esteem and communication skills, to discard stereotypes and to learn about things and in ways they can’t experience elsewhere
  • To contribute to something really worthwhile, however and whenever it suits you, giving as much or as little time as you can spare
  • To help pioneer an entirely new way of doing things that may well be significant far beyond the borders of Essex
  • To find out just how much our oldest citizens have to offer us – great characters, great stories, great memories, great pleasure
  • Generate Timebank credits through our relationship with Essex Timebanks (learn more about Essex Timebanks here)


Getting started

If you would like to be a FaN and are ready to make a start you can:

If you make direct contact with a care home, please remember that the managers and senior staff are extremely busy and their work can be unpredictable. However much your interest is appreciated, they may not be able to respond to you immediately so please be patient.


Register as a FaN

Being a FaN really is what you make it.

No two people are the same, which is why our FaNs make every moment count in their own way, and have great fun sharing their skills and interests. Whether they’re popping into the care home for tea and a chat once a month, watering window boxes of a care home once a week or they’re sitting with a resident doing the crossword every day, it all matters. Register to become a FaN and we’ll help you find ways of getting involved with your older community.

If you have any questions about FaNs, big or small, please get in touch by emailing today.

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How To Get Involved

Once you have read the information on this site, click the button on the right and let us know how you would like to start. You can:

  • Ask a specific question,
  • Get on to our circulation list for more information
  • Register yourself as a FaN (which doesn’t commit you to anything)

If you are interested in becoming a FaN, we will ask you to let us know whether you are registering as an individual or as a representative of a group, organisation or business. We will also invite you to indicate what kind of contribution you may have in mind. Once again, this doesn’t commit you to anything, but it’s helpful for us to know.


How you can make it count

Our FaNs come in all shapes and sizes and range from six year old school children who paint pictures for our care homes to young mums living in the local area, as well as a League One football club or our county’s fire and rescue service.

It’s the small gestures that can produce the biggest impact, which is why we’re inviting people to get involved in a way that suits them and their busy schedule. We know that making every moment count doesn’t have to mean making a huge commitment of time or a grand gesture – treasured moments can be really small. And that’s what we’re here to facilitate.

Simply fill out our short registration form and download our leaflet that highlights how you can get involved in a way that suits you.

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