Andrew – FaN of the Moment

Andrew – FaN of the Moment
9th December 2016 Jan Lockyer



In November, we said farewell to Andrew Gardner, previously the Chief Executive of Age UK Essex, who is moving to a new post. Andrew has been coming to the My Home Life Essex Community Association Board meetings for five years and during that time has been a generous friend and wise counsellor to the Community Association and the FaNs movement. Indeed, it was through our partnership with Andrew that the Community Association acquired the funding for FaNs.

Andrew’s attitude has always been reliably positive and constructive. His focus has never been on any kind of “empire building”, but wholly on the achievement of our shared aims. We have been very fortunate to have benefitted from his wide experience and knowledge of both commercial and voluntary sectors.

So Andrew takes with him our gratitude and our good wishes. We will certainly miss him. Farewell, for now, Andrew, but perhaps not forever? We are always on the lookout for good Trustees!