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We are the My Home Life Essex Community Association – a small charity that focuses on the well-being of care homes for older people and the people who live in them. Our aim is to help to make sure that people living in Essex care homes are able to enjoy the best possible quality of life according to their individual needs and wishes – hence the FaNs (Friends and Neighbours) project.

The idea at the heart of FaNs is a simple one. If we, the people, groups, organisations, businesses that make up “the community” of Essex, think of the people who live in care homes as being our friends and neighbours, no less than when they were living in their own homes, then we can make a really positive difference to the quality of their lives. What is more, in many cases, these, our oldest citizens, can do the same for us. The opportunities and possibilities are virtually limitless.

The community of FaNs is already growing fast and attracting attention nationally as well. Anyone who shares our aims can be a FaN and there are as many ways to contribute as there are FaNs. Please read all about it here – and if you would like to know more, or to help us to make every moment count, we are looking forward to hearing from you!



What We Believe

Our community of FaNs all play a part in making a difference by believing the following:

  • We think that the people who live in our local care homes can be our friends and neighbours no less than the people who live in our street
  • We value these neighbours – some of the oldest in our communities – as people who have much to offer us, as we have to them
  • We know that many care homes work hard to make sure their residents enjoy a good quality of life – but they can’t do it all
  • We believe that the health, happiness and well being of our oldest neighbours is not exclusively the business of care homes – its our business too
  • We choose to help


Our Principles

We share common principles that are the foundation of our movement:

  • FaNs is inclusive and non discriminatory. Anyone , of any age, who shares our aim and values, can be a FaN
  • Organisations that support our aim can also be “corporate” FaNs
    Individual FaNs can be members of any organisation or none
  • FaNs take a positive approach. We celebrate and build on what is good and try to help improve what is not so good
  • We respect the humanity, dignity and individuality of all those with whom we come into contact in whatever role we take in FaNs
  • We respect the right of care home residents to choice, control, privacy and confidentiality
  • We abide by the policies and rules of care homes we may visit as FaNs



Our Partners

Essential Support From Organisations Across Essex

We are lucky to have a wealth of support from organisations, individuals and community groups from across the region. They all help in different ways, finding special ways to make it count for those living in our county’s care homes. Learn more about the work they do simply by clicking the button below.

Learn about the work of our supporters



How you can make it count

Our FaNs come in all shapes and sizes and range from six year old school children who paint pictures for our care homes to young mums living in the local area, as well as a League One football club or our county’s fire and rescue service.

It’s the small gestures that can produce the biggest impact, which is why we’re inviting people to get involved in a way that suits them and their busy schedule. We know that making every moment count doesn’t have to mean making a huge commitment of time or a grand gesture – treasured moments can be really small. And that’s what we’re here to facilitate.

Simply fill out our short registration form and download our leaflet that highlights how you can get involved in a way that suits you.

I want to make it count